Vazhvanthol – Half day trek

When you read about places to visit in Trivandrum you often hear about the beaches – Kovalam, Varkala and maybe Sanghumugham and the hill – Ponmudi. But there are other brilliant places to visit, one of which is Vazhvanthol Waterfalls.

The falls, located around 40 kms from the city, is on the same route as Ponmudi. Take the route to Bonacaud and you’re there in 15minutes. Entry to the falls is restricted and you have to pay Rs.1000 per group at the Thodayar Section Office. But you will also be provided a guide from the office so it works out well.

I am not going to spend much time describing the beauty of the falls because I feel my words can take only take it away. The trek is short but tiring. It is not designed to be visitor friendly. You will have decent climbs with no support, slippery rocks and there is no refreshment stalls or anything. Here are some of the things i wish i had while making the climb – grippy shoes, water bottles and snacks.

You start the trek along the Thodayar river. This area is relatively flat.

Sanat and our guide along the forest path.


One of the multiple climbs you have to make. There is no rope or handrail for support and the rocks can be slippery.

The waterfall has three levels. You have the option of resting anywhere but I suggest you make the climb to the final tier before resting. Else you will have the temptation to return(like i had) unless your group eggs you on(like mine did).

A closeup of the final tier of the waterfall

The main waterfall with some filter slapped on(yeah i know, deplorable).

I’m pretty bad at conclusions or introduction or whatever comes in between. So yeah, this view was well worth the walk.




One thought on “Vazhvanthol

  1. Loved the post! Had the feel of actually visiting the place when you narrated about it! As you said, pictures speak volumes – and your photos say a lot about the beauty of the place!

    We should all go here together someday! 😍

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