Why I believe porotta-beef is the perfect mallu food.

The argument has three parts viz. mallu, beef and porotta.

Mallus love  art. Porotta making is an art. From mixing the dought to beating it into a thin sheet to waiving it around till its so thin to cutting it to rolling it…….. its simply better than a Hitchcock movie.Mallus love to have a filled tummy.  Mallus get up from a seven course “sadya” with a half empty stomach. But the same mallu tummy is filled by 4 porottas.

Kerala is one of the few indian states where catle slaughtering is legal. Hence beef is relatively cheap. Mallus are generaly echis(misers). So mallu likey beef.

Mallus are generally echis(misers).  Porottas fill tummy. Beef is cheap. Put two and two together and porotta-beef is an instant mallu  favorite.  Also porotta-beef is the integral part of any vellamadi(booze) party. The miserly mallu can treat his friends to porotta- beef without buring a hole in his pocket.

The lungi is perfect for a meal of porotta-beef. The spicy preparation is a natural laxative. The lungi(material for another post) is designed for easy removal and you can relieve the pressure.Thus I conclude that porotta-beef says mallu as much as or even more than the iconic lungi.

Have a nice day. Thanking you. Yours faithfully


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