How the fraud had his revenge

Fraud’s parents had finally succumbed to the common misconception that kids should learn alphabets before they join LKG. Frankly the only thing preschool taught me was if you don’t want anyone else to play with your toy you have to pee on it.

                   That was also the time he came in contact with bullies.  Did I mention that there was a wonderful mulberry tree in front of the school? No? Are you sure? Well, anyway there was. And the caretaker used to give us berries. The bully after munching his berries always used to ask other kids for berries.

And the price if you didn’t bow to his will? He would crush the berries. Ever seen a crushed mulberry? It’s a pitiful sight. And at 3 it’s the worst that could happen to you. And fraud managed to have his mulberries crushed almost every day. First he placed his trust in the judicial system and the bully got nothing more than a slap on the wrist, literally.

                   Fraud is not one to simply sit and suffer this abuse. So he plots revenge.  He finds out that the only thing Bully enjoys more than bullying is eating from his big lunch box. So what does fraud do? One fine day he simply picks up the lunch box and throws it out. And claimed he thought the yellow stuff was fungus (legends claim he actually used the word “fungus”, a word too big for other kids his age)

          That action came with another advantage. He got kicked out because he engaged in disruptive behavior (yeah right, as if crushing mulberries isn’t)

          P.S revenge is every bit as sweet as they claim it is.

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